$100 every day for the slot champion!

Red Star Casino is presenting a special promotion for slot fans. You have a chance to win $100 every day based on the multiplier you get on any slot game! Just choose your favorite slot

The best monthly multiplier receives $200 additionally!

You do not need to be a big money player to become a daily slot champion - just win big! How much you won compared to how much you bet - is all that we're counting for this new promotion.

Leaderboard is updated every 10 minuts. Stay tuned!

May 2021

Date Prize Top score
01 May
$100 Lubos K x1365.40 Frutz
02 May
$100 Лариса Щ x1993.20 Legend of Cleopatra Megaways
03 May
$100 Maxym B x1010.50 Book of Oz
04 May
$100 Александр Николаевич С x2515.33 Dead or Alive
05 May
$100 Наталья Б x1946.70 Cygnus
06 May
$100 Lubos K x1024.20 Mystery Museum
07 May
$100 Борис П x2016.00 Mongol Treasures
08 May
$100 андрей г x198.70 Royal Masquerade
09 May
10 May
11 May
12 May
13 May
14 May
15 May
16 May
17 May
18 May
19 May
20 May

Terms and conditions:

  • Leaderboard is running every day (GMT) for Red Star players exclusively

  • Only multipliers on slots are taken for the Leaderboard. The Ninja slot is not eligible for the promotion - upd. 1.11.2020

  • Multiplier is calculated as follows: payout amount dividing by bet amount, displayed as x000.00. Only real money gameplay is qualified for the promotion

  • To qualify for the promotion, a player's bet must be placed on ALL lines. Minimum qualified bet is 0.10$, 0.10€, 5₽, 0.70¥, 3₴

  • If a player buys or re-byus any symbol, function or bonus game, the cost of his buy or re-buy would be taken as his bet's amount (not the initial bet)

  • In case more than one player receive the same best multiplier, prize $100 is paid to all winners who got the best multipliers

  • All prizes have NO wagering requirements and are paid within 24 hours after promotion day is over. The prizes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are paid on Monday.

  • The top prize for the best monthly multiplier will be credited within 5 days after each month is over. In case the winner of the month has been blocked in casino during the month, his result is disqualified and the prize is paid to the second best multiplier

  • In case participant of promotion will be found colluding or abusing promotion in any way, or otherwise behave unethically, he will be excluded from the promotion and notified by e-mail

  • Red Star reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion